April 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

My life has been quite different during last months – since I quit my job in December. Ups and downs; getting lost and finding myself again. Getting over some old troubles.

Once I decided to let everything go, things just started happening. And here I am now, in the middle of mental nowhere, on the crossroads of all possibilities.

This morning, I woke up and had a weird feeling. Emptiness. Some kind of anxiety. I felt kind of… broken. As if everything had collapsed and I didn’t even know why. Maybe because I don’t have a home; I’m living at my friend’s room a few more days, then she’ll be back from her travel and I need to find a new place to dwell. I am entering into the state of a permanent couch-surfer, I suppose :)

So, this day all of a sudden seemed to be especially grey and empty. I was trying to sleep a little more. Then I looked out of the window.

Sun was shining. This bright spring light behind the curtains was just so hearwarming, that I decided: today I’m going to be happy, no matter what. Because happiness and content is something that lies in me. In my heart. In my will.

There’s a place in the web called – a site that encourages one to express their “daily gratitude”. I think it’s an awesome idea. Because how often we are sad or displeased with something in our lives; and how often are we really grateful for everything we have?

For example, I have many good friends who want to help me lately, invite me to dinner or something, think with me, imagine, hope, listen. I have been taken care of, really. Everything around me is calm, I live in a beautiful city, where society is functioning in a normal, peaceful way; people around me know how to laugh and be happy; they are achieving their dreams, living their normal lives, having their ups and downs, sometimes arguing, sometimes smiling, getting bored of working, being happy about new tasks, helping each other out, going shopping for food and things… There is really plenty of everything you could ever wish for.

And I am grateful for all that. And the sun.

Because, to be honest, in many places of this world things are much, much worse than that. I am not going to speak about how much worse. Just watch the news and you’ll know.

That’s also why I am very grateful for being where I am now. For everything in my life, and everyone.

And that’s why I am asking this question from everyone:

What are you grateful for? Today, this week, this year, in this life, on this earth? One little thing, at least, to be grateful for. Please. Come and share :)


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