to the lost souls of this world

June 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

Today, again, I encountered something that made me angry. And sad.

It happens sometimes that when I find an extremely interesting person or musician in Myspace and I want to say hello and thanks to them for being and for sharing what they are… I hit the “add to friends” button, because that is where you start, right? Especially when you can’t comment a blog, because it is only allowed for friends? … and then I see this terrible sentence on my screen:

This user does not allow friend requests from bands.

And I feel like I am sentenced to death or something.

Or rather, that I am heavily discriminated — for having taken music so deep into my heart that I cannot live without it and refuse to create a profile without music (because that’s what i AM, bloody hell!!). And thus, being a musician but not yet a world-famous one, I am doomed to such places where I am not allowed to interact with other, “better” musicians. Or people. That’s the attitude I feel.

Well, sometimes, I have the courage to get over myself and write a message asking to be friend and humbly explaining that, in addition to a “musician”, I still possess a human heart as well. So it has happened that the sun has shone upon me and I have become friends with that person.

But today, it was an extremely unlucky day. My messages were rejected – I just couldn’t send them. Maybe there is some kind of button somewhere saying “let only my friends write me”. Okay. Whatever. It’s like I was a ghost or something, trying to interact with somebody who just doesn’t see me. I bet my ancestor souls who come visiting human world in November feel mostly the same way… nobody remembers them, nobody thinks about them…

Anyway, I don’t know what to say any more. Maybe it is better this way. Because I really appreciate people who appreciate me as myself. And if i made a “human” profile, it wouldn’t be me. It would be less than half of me or some pointless crap. So maybe this terrible sentence is to keep me away from people who are not meant to be my friends?

Maybe I will be like that one day, too? Who knows. Like when I have 17 000 plays and profile views per day like Lily Allen does. Maybe then it would really be a little hard to manage all of that myself, ha :)

I don’t blame Lily Allen. Her profile insulted me many weeks ago with that sentence and I’ve already forgiven that. She will never be in my top friends (like I wanted for a while) – but who cares anyway.

And I hope I will soon forget those profiles that rejected me today. (Though it is hard to forget an interesting profile. But I am not going to create a fake human “me” for their sake!)

And I know I will always have time and courage to meet anyone here and reply all the messages and comments I get. Because it is important for me to be there for people; to share what I am and what I think.

Thank you, all of you who are my friends. You are all important to me.

Thank you for being, for sharing, for supporting, for giving a smile sometimes.

love & peace to all of you!


If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies only in yourself. – Tecumseh



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