If you could do anything, what would you do?

December 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

Kerli here is asking her friends, what kind of superpower they would like to have if they could choose… I’ve given it a thought lately – also found in another blog I sometimes read (in Estonian) the question: if you could be god for one day, what would you change / do in this world?

So I have to put my idea down to my own blog here as well. Just to remember sometimes.


i’d like to give people (many people, all people) more strength and belief in themselves – something like the ability, wisdom and courage to love yourself just like you are and be content; i think this would take away lots of sorrows from the world for truly happy and content people bring happiness to others as well.

or another thought, if we humans could have more linked minds with each other and with other living beings, plants, rocks, trees, everything… then we wouldn’t be able to hurt each other so nor nature nor earth. but it would only work if we accept ourselves for what we are first, for in this case, we’d love everybody else as we’d love ourself and we’d need to be able to love ourselves first. so.. back to the first idea.

But the thing is – I actually believe people are already able to do much more than they imagine; and WE ARE DOING IT, everything, creating the world around us. But as for the way I know I control my own thoughts and impulses – rather uncontrol them would be the more realistic verb – and it applies to most other people – the way we sometimes create anger bursts into the world, I sometimes think it would be better if human wouldn’t have all the unknown powers they embody… :/ But well, eh. In the end, I love the world just as it is. I hope I do… There is a reason for everything and you need not look for a god for that reason, but for yourself and your will.

Edit: this story fits here perfectly as well.


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