Haldjas at Turbulences Energétiks / Paris

December 4, 2009 § Leave a comment

I’m inviting you to visit a little concert/slam/evening where I will be participating as well.

06/12/2009 18:00 – Turbulences Energétiks à l’Echo-Musée
21, rue Cavé Paris 18 (M° Chateau Rouge), Paris, Ile-de-France 75018

People performing on the same evening (expos):


Yukki Yoyo (Jongleur)
Haldjas (Chant d’Estonie)
Jérome (Chant d’Inde du nord)
Farin (Tempora)
Babu (pakawaj)

As this is kind of cultures’ night, I’m going to sing some old runic songs from Estonia (like this on my kyte page http://www.kyte.tv/haldjas) and maybe something written by myself. A little, quite acoustic and intimate night :)

For more information on the series of TURBULENCES ENERGETIKS please visit http://www.myspace.com/renosimo

See you around!



For the flowers

November 30, 2009 § Leave a comment

She was given a bucket
Of flowers

She bowed her head
And smelled them
She smelled them
And burst into tears

Why, oh why are you crying
Beautiful girl

I can hear their stories
Stories that have
Never been told
Stories that have
Never been heard

But I am crying because
The man who
Cut them down
This morning
Had sad thoughts
And the flowers
Are also sad

His wife is dying
His children have left him
And the flowers
Who love him
He had to sell today

I am crying
For the man
But who will cry
For  the flowers
That are sold this day

bowie-cat went away :/

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bowie over past months and weeks…

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep :'(

Were still warm

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When I woke up
I was running out of words
Restless words

When I woke up
Words were running out of me
Hundreds of words
Thousands of words
I wanted to catch them
I stretched out my sleepy fingers
But fell back to dreams
And the words
Took over

And when I woke up
I was just holding
Some letters
Colourful letters
Light green and orange
Red and bright yellow
And blue

They were still warm
Were still warm
In my hands

the time when the cats spoke of their names

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do the cats know what colour they are?
she asked from her mother
but her mother does not know
for she has forgotten the language of fairy tales

she does not remember the time
when the trees could speak
when the wishes came true
and when the cats spoke of their names

but don’t be afraid, little girl
for the cats still remember
however they rarely speak

be silent and listen to the wind
it will whisper you the wisdom
of the cats, their colours and names

sacred groves of Estonia

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subtly intoxicating folk-pop

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The Weepies reside here. They seem to be great people.